About the One More Time Family of Stores

Store Owner, Chris Swanson

Store Owner, Chris Swanson

1975 - One More Time opens on Grandview Ave

1985 - One More Time moves to its current location on 5th Ave

1988 - Chris Swanson (Cowman) becomes the manager at the clothing store

1996 - Chris purchases the business from former owner Kate Holmes

2004 - One More Time ETC, the furniture store, opens a few blocks away on 5th Ave

2010 - One More Time Plus, a plus sized clothing store, opens next to One More Time

2017 - One More Time Plus moves back in with One More Time for a more convenient shopping experience


Annual Sales at the One More Time Family of Stores

  • Black Friday Sale
  • Sidewalk Sale
  • MLK Day Sale
  • Charity Sale

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